Fun Preschool Music That Will Get Kids Excited And Moving

As I have been doing online circle time with my students, it’s been fun to bring back songs the kids are familiar with, along with a few new ones. Sometimes it can be hard to have good engagement over Zoom, but the kids all love music and they love moving around!


I thought I’d post some of our favorite songs so that my students’ parents can find the songs we sing easily.

If you have some great movement song recommendations, let me know in the comment section! I’m always looking for new songs 🙂

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In no particular order, here are some of the songs. They’ll all be linked to amazon for easy download.

It looks like you can listen to most of these songs if you have an Amazon Music Unlimited account. Click on this link, and then go to Try Amazon Music Unlimited and it will offer you a free 3 month trial. That’s what I did 🙂 

Icky Sticky Bubble Gum-Click here for my post with the words.

Peanut Butter-We usually do this one with tapping sticks, but it’s not necessary 

Alice the Camel-This is a different version than we use, but I couldn’t find the exact one

5 Little Monkeys-Great song to get some energy out!

Shake My Sillies Out-We like to use shaker eggs with this song

The Rainbow Song-We usually use colored scarves during this song

Hot Potato-Fun song wish actions and dancing

I’m Really Good-You get to pretend to run, swing, swim, dance, jump, and more

My Mother Is A Baker-This song is a favorite of my students. You’ll pretend to be a baker, garbage man, baby, dog, cat, etc.

10 Little Bumblebees-click on the link to see my blog post

Hello Hello-Good for imitations. Clap, stomp, turn around, say hello

From Here To There-Pretend to be an airplane, boat, bus, bike, etc.

Let Everyone Clap Hands-Click on the link for my post with the words

The Bop Stop-We love freeze dancing!

Everybody Clap-Another fun imitation song

S.T.O.P.- Fun freeze dance song

Silly Dance Contest-Another great freeze dance song

Monkeys and the Alligator-Fun finger play with counting

Rocketship Run-I learned about this song at library time. The kids love it!

Halloween Songs

I’m updating this post since it’s October, and these are some of the songs I’m singing with my students this month. I like them because they’re simple and easy to make actions to. Enjoy!

Tippytoes-actions include tippytoes, walking feet, marching feet, sneaking feet, skipping feet, hopping feet, jumping feet, running feet. They also get to yell  “boo” throughout the song, which kids love

5 Little Monsters-the monsters version of 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed

5 Little Ghosts- Here are the words: Five little ghosts all dressed in white, scaring each other on halloween night. Mama ghost said “boooo” and 4 little ghosts back home they flew

Knock, Knock Trick or Treat? – Pretend to be a ghost, cowboy, witch, monster, ballerina, and pirate

Can You Make A Happy Face – make a happy face, angry face, scared face, and sad face

The Skeleton Dance – a good song for body parts. It includes foot, leg, knee, thigh, hip, back, and neck

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