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I want to help you learn  simple techniques and strategies that you can start implementing immediately. I’ll help you learn how to identify where your child is developmentally and how to adapt activities to increase growth and strengthen relationships.

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When you understand the stages of development, you’ll better understand how to help your child. Your child will have the opportunity to grow more when you play at the right level.

Techniques You Can Use Anytime, Anywhere

Once you get the techniques down, they’ll become so natural you’ll use them when you’re not even thinking about it. You won’t have to find extra time, you’ll be able to implement them in all your regular daily activities

Get More Engagement Adaptable Activities

Because each child goes through the stages of development at a different pace, you’ll be able to easily adapt activities to target the specific skills your child is working on.

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Play With Joy helps kids with developmental delays grow
through play-based learning
Get The Developmental Progress Sheet

Keep track of your child’s developmental progress with this self-graphing matrix. Identify where your child is developmentally, so you know what skills to work on next. Then continue to track progress as you go.

Decide How I Can Best Help You

After you receive your progress sheet, I’ll continue to send you tips, activities, and strategies. Or you can fast track the information, and gain access to more tutorials by becoming a Member of the Early Intervention Tutorials


HELLO! I’m Joy and I’m so glad you’re here. 

I know that it can be overwhelming, confusing, and downright frustrating trying to get help for your child. You might be asking “how do I know what’s actually good for my child?” and you may even question yourself “am I doing the right thing?”

Over the years, I have received a lot of different trainings, certifications, and degrees. Let me tell you why I have chosen to focus on play-based, relationship-based, and developmental approaches to early intervention.

I am a strong believer in the power of play for kids. There is so much that can be taught through play no matter where a child is developmentally. Even if you think that your child doesn’t “play”, they do. It may just look a little different, and I’ll help you recognize that too.

I also believe that every child deserves good relationships in their lives, and family relationships are the most important.

Intervention doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simple adjustments that you can make in your interactions with your child to give more opportunities of growth. There are also ways to implement different strategies in every day activities, so you don’t have to find extra time in your day (that we all know doesn’t exist anyways).

It makes me sad when I hear how many kids are missing out on services during some of the most important time of their development. Instead of getting help, they’re just sitting on waiting lists. There’s too much waiting going on!

  • Waiting for a doctor appointment
  • Being told to “wait it out”
  • Being referred to another doctor and then waiting again
  • Waiting for a diagnosis
  • Waiting for a therapy evaluation
  • Waiting for an actual appointment to receive therapy

This can go on for months!

I wanted to find a way to help you while you’re waiting, and so I created the Early Intervention Tutorials. I want you to have information available to you no matter where you live or what time it is. A way for you to learn at your own pace and to individualize it to your own child.

The Early Intervention Tutorials aren’t just great to fill the time when you’re waiting, but they can also supplement any services you’re already getting. You will have the knowledge and skills to help your child progress at home.

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P.L.A.Y Project Consultant
since 2009


Master's Degree in Education from
Arizona State University


Certification in
Early Childhood
Special Education from
Utah State University


Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science and Health from
University of Utah


Early Intervention Tutorials

Learn strategies, techniques, and activities that will help you become your child’s Best Early Interventionist

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The First Step Is Identifying Your Child's Developmental Progress

Enter your name and e-mail to have your Developmental Progress Chart sent to your inbox. You’ll be able to identify the skills your child has already learned, and find out what skills come next. I’ll also send you extra tips and activities to help you along the way.

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