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Play With Joy

Play With Joy was founded in 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Play With Joy is an early intervention program for young children with autism (18 months to 6 years old).

Parents learn specific techniques that can be implemented at home or in the community to help their child progress in their functional development. 

Play With Joy offers:

  • In-home parent coaching for families in living in or near Salt Lake County, Utah
  • Online courses for parents (coming soon)
  • Online courses for educators (coming soon)
  • The PLAY Project

If you live in or around Summit County, Utah, check out Roots Therapy Center in Park City where I will also be offering therapeutic learning groups for kids 2-5 years old.

Joy Manning, M.Ed.

I am one of those lucky ones who loves my career. I have had incredible experiences working with so many different people.

Like I said on the home page, I have worked with people of all ages and I have worked in a variety of settings. I started working at a group home for women with disabilities in 1998 not realizing that that was the beginning of my career. 

I have worked in group homes, care centers, public schools, private schools, recreational settings, and orphanages. In 2007, I began teaching and specializing in working with kids with autism. While I was teaching, I started my certification for the P.L.A.Y. Project.

I have enjoyed being able to train and coach parents, teachers, and paraprofessionals throughout my career. I have gone back to school way more than I ever thought I would, but I feel very fortunate to have had so many opportunities to learn and grow in my career.

My goal is to help as many families and educators as I can, using the knowledge I have gained through my education, training and experiences.

  • Education
    • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University
    • Early Childhood Special Education Certification from Utah State University
    • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science and Health from the University of Utah
  • Certification
    • Certified P.L.A.Y. Project Home Consultant
  • Professional Experience
    • P.L.A.Y. Project Home Consultant
    • Teacher Mentor
    • Parent Trainer
    • Special Ed Preschool Teacher
    • Special Ed Kindergarten Teacher
    • General Ed Preschool Teacher

Other random  things about me: I love being a mom, I love fly fishing (although, I’m not that great at it), I love to play the piano, guitar, and sing for fun. I love to travel, and look forward to exploring the world with my family. And, I’m really good at making s’mores.

The PLAY Project

The P.L.A.Y. Project is a parent implemented, intensive early intervention program for young children with autism that is evidence-based. Learn more about the PLAY Project.

Coming Soon!!!

My course will be launching very soon, be one of the first to enroll! By enrolling during the Beta Launch phase you will receive the best discount that will ever be offered.


Send me a message to let me know you’re interested.

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