4 Developmental Skills You Can Target With Kinetic Sand

There are many developmental skills you can target with kinetic sand in early intervention. Let’s talk about 4 of those areas of development. 

Cause & Effect

Imagine your kiddo diving into a pile of kinetic sand. As they squish and shape it, something magical happens – cause and effect in action! It’s like a mini science experiment right at their fingertips. This hands-on playtime helps them get the hang of how actions lead to reactions, setting the stage for some serious problem-solving skills down the road.

Bilateral Coordination

Ever noticed your little one using both hands together like a pro when playing with kinetic sand? That’s the magic of bilateral coordination. Whether they’re making sandcastles or just enjoying the squishiness, both hands are working together. This teamwork is a sneak peek into skills they’ll need for stuff like writing or even tying their shoelaces.

Early Math Skills

Who knew math could be so fun? Kinetic sand makes counting a breeze – just count the shapes or blobs they make! And get this, sorting is a snap too. It’s like math class but without the boredom. The sensory joy of playing with the sand also helps them understand space better as they mold and squish away.

You can also hide objects and count them, find different colors, compare and contrast. There’s a lot of ways you can add a little math into this activity, and the sand makes it more engaging and fun.

Crossing Midline

When your kiddo reaches across their body to get that perfect sand mold, they’re not just playing – they’re building bridges in their brain! It’s called crossing midline, and it’s super important for brainy stuff like reading, writing, and solving tricky problems. So, while they’re playing, their brains are secretly getting smarter.

It’s playtime with a purpose! Kinetic sand isn’t just for giggles; it’s a powerhouse for developing cause and effect skills, coordination, math smarts, and brain connections. You can also target more than these 4 skills including pre-literacy skills, creativity and flexible thinking, pretend play, and more. So next time your child is squishing kinetic sand through their fingers, know that they’re not just having fun, they’re boosting their developmental growth.

5 Things You Can Do When You Can't Get Your Child To Engage In Play

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5 Things You Can Do When You can't Get Your Child To Engage In Play

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