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  • Parents, grandparents or other family members of kids 6 and younger with autism or developmental delays (a diagnosis is not required)
  • Early childhood educators or therapists that are new in the field
  • People wanting a play-based, relationship-based, and developmental approach to intervention
  • Educators/therapists that are looking for ways to help parents
  • Anyone that has one or more of these concerns about the child they’re working with
    • He only engages in very brief interactions
    • I may know what she wants, but she has a difficult time communicating her wants and needs
    • He does his own activities, but rarely plays with others
    • Her play is repetitive or scripted, she has a difficult time coming up with new ideas
    • I try to teach him, but I don’t think he’s paying attention long enough to understand
    • She doesn’t imitate simple actions or follow directions
    • He plays well with adults, but doesn’t know how to play with peers
    • Pretend play is either missing or emerging, but is not yet age appropriate
    • He doesn’t seem to understand emotions or feelings
  • People working with kids older than 6 years old (although some things may be appropriate for some kids over the age of 6, most tutorials are geared towards kids younger)
  • People working with kids that are already participating in complex pretend play and cooperative play
  • People looking for training on behavioral interventions
  • Experts in the PLAY Project or Floortime (this may be good for some of your clients though)
  • People looking for a cure
  • People looking for direct instruction approaches
  • People who don’t have the time to implement the techniques and strategies taught

When you become a member, you will have immediate access to 50+ tutorials, however I am continuing to build the tutorials. 


As new tutorials are released, if you are an active member, you will have immediate access.

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