Where is the green sheep?

Where is the green sheep? or as my class would say it “WHERE IS THE GREEN SHEEP?!?”

This is a book about opposites, you see all the sheep of different sizes, in different places, and doing different things.  I love the repetition of this book, I always think repetition is great for the little ones because it brings consistency and also then the kids can participate.

Throughout the book, the question remains “Where is the green sheep?”

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Here are a few simple activity ideas that you can do with this book.  I have included some ideas that can be used with kids who are unable to speak, but that you want to encourage participation with.

  • Teach them a gesture of raising their hands and shrugging their shoulders every time you say “Where is the green sheep?”
  • Use a BIGmak type button and record a child’s voice saying “Where is the green sheep?” then every time you get to that part of the book, you can pause and wait for the child to press the button as they help you “read.”
  • You can have a picture of a green sheep on a popsicle stick, and every time you come to that part of the book, the children can raise their pictures.
  • You can pass out pictures of all the different sheep and as you come to each sheep in the book the kids can put their picture on the board.
  • You can do a file folder game of the different sheep.
  • You can hide the green sheep somewhere in the room and play hide and seek with it.
  • You can assign a child to be the green sheep, and that child gets to go hide while everyone else tries to find him/her.
  • You can make sheep out of play-doh, and then describe what everyone’s sheep are doing or what they look like.
  • You can work on prepositions and put the green sheep in different places (in the box, on the chair, under the table, etc.)

I’m sure there are a lot more ideas out there, hopefully this will give you somewhere to start.

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