Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom is a great little halloween book by Julia Donaldson. There’s so much you can do with this book, I love it.

Here are some skills you can work on with this book:

  • Find the rhyming words
  • Identifying animals: cat, dog, bird, frog, dragon
  • Pretend play: act it out
  • Prediction: what animal comes next, who finds the object that is lost, 
  • “Reading” the book: let the kids fill in the words. There’s great repetition in this book to help with that. Common words are Down!, Yes!, Whoosh!, and Is there room on the broom?
  • Searching for items: Do a scavenger hunt while riding a broom
  • Obstacle course: As you do the scavenger hunt, add some obstacles for good a good sensory motor activity
  • Matching: match the animal to the item they found or to the thing they put in the cauldron
  • Helping: Throughout the book, the animals are helping each other. Talk about how your students have helped each other.
  • Emotions: happy, sad, scared, angry, surprised, grateful, ashamed, excited. Play charades with emotions.
  • Science: Make a magic potion with things that everyone can put in the cauldron. Ask the kids what they would have added to the cauldron.

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