Go Away Big Green Monster

A preschool favorite is always Go Away Big Green Monster! Last year I found the Go Away Big Green Monster app (I’ll link it below), and my students loved it. Their favorite part was the song, and I loved hearing them sing it at the top of their lungs. I wish the app was a little more interactive, like if the kids could move the body parts where they should go, or something like that. However, the song alone is worth the money. The interactive part of the app is that you can touch the nose and it wiggles, or touch the hair and it wiggles and makes a noise.

The picture above is from a while ago when we made green monster faces. Last year I did this activity with my students, except I used a green paper plate and put velcro on it. We laminated the pieces and put velcro on them so that the kids were able to use their own monsters to put on and take off the body parts while we read the story together. The kids really liked that.

Things we learn from Go Away Big Green Monster:

  • Body parts: eyes, nose, ears, hair, mouth, teeth
  • Colors: yellow, bluish-greenish (?), red, white, purple, green
  • Sequencing: Predicting what goes next
  • Emotions: have the kids act out different emotions
  • Reading: All my students could “read” this book independently. The repetitive phrases make it an easy one to memorize.

One of the repetitive phrases is “Go Away” which one of my students would go home and yell “Go Away!” to everyone. The mom wasn’t sure why he was doing this until we performed the song for the parents one day. Then it all made sense. So if you have a student that you do not want to teach this phrase to, you may want to reconsider reading this book 😉

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You can buy this book on amazon by clicking on the picture. Lakeshore learning also has a puppet to go with the book, which is a little more durable than a paper plate 😉 However, the paper plate is a great activity for those creative kids you have.

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