Dear Santa

Dear Santa by Rod Campbell is a such a great book! It’s similar to Dear Zoo, which I also love.

 The first time I had ever heard of these books I was doing an evaluation on a preschooler with a language delay. I was in the evaluation with a speech therapist and she had brought Dear Zoo along with a communication device that was already programmed to go along with the book. It was so fun to read and for the child to be able to “read” with us.

Books like this are great for helping a child learn to use a communication device because there are so many repetitive phrases. It’s also great for all kids because they can easily learn to “read” the book with you. I love books where kids can predict what comes next. There’s so much you can do with that!

Another activity that I’ve done with this book in my preschool/kindergarten classes is I’ve wrapped up similar items and had the kids unwrap them as we read the story. It’s fun, engaging, and also works on some nice fine motor skills. So we’re hitting language, literacy, fine motor, turn taking, attention, etc.

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Here’s some of the vocab that is targeted in this book:

  • car
  • kite
  • ball
  • tiger (mask)
  • paint
  • trumpet
  • cat
  • small
  • big
  • bouncy
  • scary
  • messy
  • noisy

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