Autism Awareness Day

April is Autism Awareness Month. I know some people prefer to call it Autism Acceptance Month, Autism Celebration Month,  or maybe something else as well. I think that’s great. 

I have personally decided to continue to say Autism Awareness Month for now because my whole goal is to help families with young kids with autism. I want to help them get the supports they need. And I want to help parents be aware early in their child’s life to know if their child needs extra supports and intervention.

Awareness for parents before their child receives a diagnosis or when they’ve just recently received a diagnosis is really important. It’s also important for their extended family and friends. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. 

Yes, I definitely believe that Autism Acceptance is extremely important, and I still advocate for that as well. I think that we can do it all, this month and every month. Let’s help people be aware so that if their child needs supports when they’re young, they’re getting it. Let’s also be more accepting and let’s celebrate autism. 

This year I decided I wanted a way to share information about autism with my friends and family through social media. So, I created these cue cards to post and give my answers every day this month. You can get your free copy of the cue cards here if you would like to post them on your social media 🙂

Update: I decided to combine all my Autism Awareness Day Posts into one post, so here are all of the videos.

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